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Viet Nam : Typhoon : 2013/09/30
GLIDE: TC-2013-000122-VNM  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2013/09/30
Viet Nam
Name Typhoon
Outline In the afternoon of 30 September, Typhoon Wutip
made landfall on the north-central provinces of Viet
Nam with a Category 1 level, leaving 3 dead and 35 injured.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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  • UN Country Team in Vietnam 2013/10/04
    As of 4 October 2013, 12 people have died, 2 are missing and 225 were injured. 193,702 houses have been damaged.
  • IFRC 2013/10/02
    At least eight people were killed and 35 injured after Typhoon Wutip made landfall in central Viet Nam on 30 September 2013.
  • UN Country Team in Vietnam 2013/10/01
    At least 106,352 people in 4 provinces were evacuated in order to minimize human loss. The worst affected sector is housing with at least 95,647 houses damaged or collapsed as of 1 October.
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