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Saudi Arabia : Heavy rain, Flash flood : 2013/04/25
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Duration 2013/04/25
Saudi Arabia
Name Heavy rain, Flash flood
Outline Sixteen people have died and three more are missing in Saudi Arabia after downpours caused flash floods in several areas including in the capital Riyadh.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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  • Kuwait News Agency 2013/05/07
    Twenty-five people were killed and three still missing due to recent heavy rains and floods in Saudi Arabia.
  • AFP 20123/05/02
    Twenty people have died and four people remain missing in Saudi Arabia after heavy downpours triggered flash floods in the desert kingdom for nearly a week, the civil defence authorities said on 2 May 2013.
  • AFP 2013/05/01
    Flash floods in Saudi killed 16, said Civil Defence of Saudi Arabia.