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Philippines : Typhoon : 2015/05/10
GLIDE: TC-2015-000051-PHL  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2015/05/10
Name Typhoon
Outline More than 2,000 people were fleeing their homes as Typhoon Noul struck the northern Philippines 10 May 2015, triggering warnings of possible flash floods, landslides and tsunami-like storm surges.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Government of the Philippines 2015/05/11
Killed: 2
Affected: 4,523
Pre-emptively evacuated: 3,803

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  • Government of the Philippines 2015/05/11
    NDRRMC Update: SitRep No. 08 re Preparedness Measures and Effects for Typhoon \"DODONG\" (NOUL)
  • Reuters 2015/05/11
    Heavy rains and strong winds flattened houses on coastal areas as typhoon Noul crashed into the northeastern tip of the Philippines, killing two people and prompting more than 3,000 residents to move to shelters.
  • AFP 2015/05/10
    More than 1,680 people in Cagayan have already been evacuated from coastal villages.
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