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Bangladesh : Storm : 2002/05/03
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Duration 2002/05/03
Name Storm
Outline The triple-decked M.V. Salahuddin-2, which sank at around midnight on Friday, was on its way to Patuakhali from Dhaka in Bangladesh, officials said.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others
ロイター 2002/05/11
Dead: 369 people

Missing: at least 100 people

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  • Reuters 2002/05/11
    The toll from Bangladesh's second worst ferry disaster on record could rise above 450, with 369 bodies now found and at least 100 people still missing
  • Reuters 2002/05/07
    Rescuers have retrieved more than 320 bodies from the ferry and dozens more are believed to have been swept away by storm-swollen river waters.
  • Reuters 2002/05/06
    Police said 271 bodies had been recovered.
  • BBC News 2002/05/04
    Only two bodies have so far been recovered, reports say - a woman and a child.

  • Reuters 2002/05/04
    A ferry carrying about 500 passengers has sunk in a storm in southern Bangladesh overnight and officials fear hundreds may have died or been swept away by strong river currents.
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