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Mexico : Hurricane, Flood : 2007/10/31
GLIDE: FL-2007-000200-MEX  MS-2007-000200-MEX DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2007/10/31
Name Hurricane, Flood
Outline Around half a million Mexicans were made homeless and one man died on 31 October 2007 as heavy rains devastated the southern Mexican state of Tabasco.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others
OCHA Situation Report No.1 2007/11/03
[in the State of Tabasco]
Some 60,000 families are affected;
10,000 people were rescued;
69,000 people have been evacuated to 315 temporary shelters

350,000 people trapped in their homes

[in the State of Chiapas]
4 dead
11,000 affected
2,500 are in shelters

[in the State of Chiapas]
Some 5,000 houses have been damaged.
Some 300 kilometers of roads have been affected.
All crops had been destroyed,
most of the state's business sectors had been affected.

Rains have caused landslides that damaged the road network.

More than 100 medical centres have been affected, in addition to 300 schools.

Electricity is cut for 90% of the residents of the city of Villahermosa.

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