Details of Disaster Information

Japan : Typhoon : 2004/7/29-8/6
GLIDE: TC-2004-000061-JPN  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2004/7/29-8/6
Name Typhoon
Outline The typhoon Namtheun (T0410) and Malou (T0411) struck Japan, causing major damages in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. 3 people were dead.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Cabinet Office, White Paper on Disaster Management (2005) 2005/06/01
Death: 3
Missing: 0
Injured: 19
Collapsed houses:
11 total collapse
22 half collapse
61 partial damage

Flooded houses:
274 over the floor
2,579 under the floor
Evacuation advisory to the total of 1,973 residents
Fire and Disaster Management Agency 2 August 2004
Missing 2 Destroyed houses 5, Half destroyed houses 3, Inundated houses upper floor 92, Inundated houses below floor 1,536

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