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Japan : Typhoon : 2002/10/02
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Duration 2002/10/02
Name Typhoon
Outline Four people have died and one is missing in a powerful typhoon that has battered its way from Tokyo to Japan's northernmost island.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Fire and Disaster Management Agency 2002/10/17
Dead: 5 people
Heavy injured: 10 people
Injured: 78 people
Collapsed: 7 houses
Destroyed: 11 houses
Damaged: 383 houses

Inundation above the floor level: 203 houses
Flood under a floor: 1,352 houses (Japanese) 2002/10/02
Death:4 people
Missing: one people
Injured: 61 peolpe
Destroyed: 92 houses
Inundated:281 houses

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