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Indonesia : Flash Flood : 2003/11/03
GLIDE: 2003-000531-IDN  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2003/11/03
Name Flash Flood
Outline A flash flood caused by heavy rain has swept through a tourist resort on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, killing at least 100 people, rescue officials say.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others
OCHA Situation Report No.4 2003/11/12
Dead: 140 people
Missing: 105 people

OCHA Situation Report No.3 2003/11/07
Dead: 112 people
Missing: some 125 people

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  • OCHA Situation Report No.4 2003/11/12
    The number of persons killed by the flash floods that swept through the resort town of Bahorok in North Sumatra, reached 140. Another 105 persons are reportedly missing.
  • OCHA Situation Report No.3 2003/11/07
    The confirmed death toll from the flash flood which hit the resort town of Bahorok, stood at 112 as the search continues for some 125 people still missing and feared dead.
  • BBC news 2003/11/06
    Monday's flash flood on the Indonesian island of Sumatra is now known to have killed at least 101 people.
    Officials said that at least another 117 people were missing presumed dead after the flood near a nature reserve.
  • BBC news 2003/11/05
    After a flash flood on the island of Sumatra killed at least 80 people.
  • Yahoo asia News 2003/11/05
    At least 146 other people are reported missing and feared dead as a result of the flood Sunday, which sent thousands of logs and water crashing down on Bukit Lawang village in north Sumatra.
  • OCHA Situation Report No.2 2003/11/05
    Environmental destruction led to this week's flash flood that devastated an Indonesian resort village killing at least 100 people.
  • Yahoo asia News 2003/11/03
    Flash floods swept through a popular tourist resort on Indonesia's Sumatra island, killing 66 people, five of them foreigners, and leaving dozens missing.
  • CNN News 2003/11/03
    Dozens dead in Sumatra flash flood
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  • BBC news 2003/11/04
    In pictures: Sumatra flood
  • Yahoo asia News 2003/11/05
    Debris from the flash flood is piled up around empty orangutan cages, at the damaged Orangutang Rehablilitation Center.A devastating flood in Indonesia that left more than 200 people dead or missing has driven home a stark warning: