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Australia : Tropical Cyclone : 2006/03/20
GLIDE: TC-2006-000036-AUS  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2006/03/20
Name Tropical Cyclone
Outline Tropical Cyclone Larry has hit northeastern Australia on 20 March as a category four cyclone, packing wind gusts of up to 300 km/h. The cyclone forced thousands of people to flee and caused widespread damage to the region's banana crops and sugar cane.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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  • BBC News 2006/03/21
    Australian Prime Minister John Howard has announced a multi-million dollar relief package for small businesses and farmers hit by Tropical Cyclone Larry.
  • BBC News 2006/03/21
    A clean-up operation is under way on the north-east Australian coast hit by a powerful tropical cyclone on Monday.
  • CNN 2006/03/20
    Mandatory evacuation orders were issued ahead of the storm, and most residents moved to safety "well in advance," said Katheryn Ryan, a spokesperson for Queensland's State Emergency Services office.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2006/03/20
    Tropical Cyclone Larry posed a "very serious threat to life and property" in the far north of Queensland state, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology said, adding it had forced thousands of people to take shelter or evacuate.
    There were no immediate reports of casualties.