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Haiti : Hurricane : 2012/10/24
GLIDE: TC-2012-000180-HTI  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2012/10/24
Name Hurricane
Outline Hurricane Sandy hit Haiti Wednesday night and early Thursday morning (October 24th). Over 10,000 people were displaced by the hurricane and many areas were flooded and homes are damaged.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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  • OCHA 2012/11/02
    Hurricane Sandy killed 60 people in Haiti and significantly damaged critical infrastructure such as roads, schools and hospitals in addition to destroying thousands of homes.
  • OCHA 2012/11/01
    Up to 18,277 homes were flooded, damaged or destroyed. Casualties were 54 dead, 21 missing and 20 injured. 1,500 people left in 15 hurricane shelters (nationwide).
  • PAHO/WHO 2012/10/30
    As of 29 October, 54 confirmed deaths were reported, 20 injured and 20 missing.
    12,947 persons were evacuated to 102 shelters around the country.
  • OCHA 2012/10/25
    Hurricane Sandy left 8 people dead and 10,946 people evacuated to 65 emergency shelter.
Geographycal Data Information
  • UNOSAT 2012/11/07
    Situation Update 1: Tropical Storm Sandy Over Haiti. Port-au-Prince and Croix-des-Bouquets districts (As of 6 November 2012)