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El Salvador : Tropical Depression : 2011/10/10
GLIDE: TC-2011-000157-SLV  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2011/10/10
El Salvador
Name Tropical Depression
Outline On 10 October 2011 El Salvador started to feel the effects of Tropical Depression 12-E. There has been more than a week of intense rains causing severe flooding and landslides. Authorities reported the deaths of 32 persons.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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  • OCHA 2011/11/08
    The UN appealed for $15.7 million to assist 300,000 people affected in El Salvador.
  • IFRC 2011/10/28
    El Salvador has been the hardest hit by torrential rains, with over one million people now thought to be affected by flooding and landslides.
  • IFRC 2011/10/18
    Thus far, some 14,100 homes have been flooded, and 2,000 of these have incurred severe damage.
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