Details of Disaster Information

Dominica : Tropical Storm : 2015/08/29
GLIDE: TC-2015-000119-DMA  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2015/08/29
Name Tropical Storm
Outline The island of Dominica sustained significant damage due to the passage of Tropical Storm Erika on Thursday, 28 August 2015. It is reported that up to 20,000 people could be affected.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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  • UNOCHA 2015/09/07
    Tropical Storm Erika left 12 people dead and 22 missing people are still missing. Authorities continue to compile needs assessment data, reporting 271 houses damaged or destroyed and approximately 400 in eight emergency temporary shelters.
  • UNOCHA 2015/08/31
    At least 20 people are dead and several are missing after Tropical Storm Erika brought heavy rainfall.