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Colombia : Flood : 2009/02/16
GLIDE: LS-2009-000061-COL  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2009/02/16
Name Flood
Outline On 16 February 2009 in the early morning, the Mira River in the municipality of Tumaco overflowed, severely affecting 31,250 people in the Andean region of Colombia.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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  • OCHA 2009/03/30
    Colombian Red Cross indicated on 30 March that the number of fatal victims due to floods has doubled during the weekend with 20 reported deaths. Local Authorities reports indicated that 44,000 people have been affected in 60 municipalities.
  • IFRC 2009/03/11
    The floods have affected over 31,250 people (6,500 families), resulting in 1 death and 22 people missing.
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