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China : Avalanche : 2012/06/05
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Duration 2012/06/05
Name Avalanche
Outline Three people have been confirmed dead and another seven were missing after an avalanche occurred late night (5 June 2012) in a remote part of northwest China's Gansu province.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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  • Xinhua 2012/06/07
    All the ten workers buried in the avalanche in Gansu province were confirmed dead. Since 4 June, the area had been hit by heavy rainstorms rarely seen in the local history, and the local observatory said precipitation exceeded 500 millimeters in the 23 hours prior to 3 p.m. Tuesday.
  • Xinhua 2012/06/06
    There were a total of 21 people at the campsite at the time of the avalanche, and 11 managed to escape. Rescuers have sent one severely injured survivor to hospital.