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China : Typhoon : 2010/09/21
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Duration 2010/09/21
Name Typhoon
Outline Thirteen people have died and 34 are missing as heavy rains from typhoon Fanapi flood parts of southern China on 21 September 2010, state-run media said.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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  • Xinhua English 2010/09/29
    Floods, landslides and mud-flows brought on by Typhoon Fanapi earlier this week have left 75 people dead and 61 others missing in south China\'s Guangdong Province.
  • Xinhua English 2010/09/25
    Devastating mud-slides triggered by historic rainfalls were blamed for the heavy casualty toll -- 70 dead and 65 missing -- in south China\'s Guangdong Province when typhoon Fanapi battered the region earlier this week.
  • Xinhua English 2010/09/23
    Death toll from Typhoon Fanapi rises to 54 in South China.
  • 2010/09/22
    Typhoon Fanapi kills 13 in China, leaves 34 missing.