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China : Typhoon : 2009/09/11
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Duration 2009/09/11
Name Typhoon
Outline Tropical storm Mujigae landed on south China's Hainan Island early Friday morning, 11 September 2009, bringing downpours to the Wenchang and Haikou areas of the province.

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  • Xinhua English 2009/09/11
    More than 163,600 people were evacuated in southern Hainan, Guangdong and Guangxi and no injuries and deaths reported as of Friday noon as tropical storm Mujigae landed in south China.
  • Xinhua English 2009/09/11
    More than 237,200 people have been affected and 8,600 hectares of crops have been damaged by the storm. The storm has caused economic losses of 56.43 million yuan (8.3million U.S. dollars) to the province, with nearly 50,000 people evacuated and some farm land, fish ponds, roads and water conservation systems submerged.
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