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China : Flood : 1998/08
GLIDE: FL-1998-000165-CHN  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 1998/08
Name Flood
Outline Flood occured in southeast area of China at the
beginning of the March.In addition to the Yangtze flood,floods occured in noutheast area of Nenjiang and Songhuajiang.Refugees increase,and problems of food's shortcoming and desease are worried.
Concern about floods is supposed to continue for the present,and restoration will be prolonged.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others
The President of China urges rebuilding as floods recede

The flooding slashed summer grain output by 11 percent from last year's harvest.
News source Dangers of infectious illness(CNN news 98.9.3)

44,000 schools were damaged,and the amount of damage were USD 90 million.About 7 million students were affected. Shortage of drinking water made sanitary condition
of refuges worse.
In Heilongjiang Province cases of infectious disease,typhoid and dysentery etc.,increased by 52%.
Tibet and Russia were hit by floods occured in Asia and the Pacific area(BBC 98.8.31).
More than 50 people have been dead in Tibet.
80,000 people suffered from floods in Tibet.

240 million Chinese affected by Yangtze flooding(CNN 98.8.24)
In the backward eastern province of Anhui, 822,000 people had been evacuated from flooded areas.
In central Hunan province, where 1 million peasants were driven from their homes, half were living in tents, 200,000 in schools and government buildings, and the rest with relatives.
280,000 people took refuge in northern Jilin province and 8.5 million people in Heilongjiang province were affected by floods.

News source Harbin calm as crest reaches city (South China Morning Post 98.8.21)

400,000 soldiers and civilians worked to reinforce dykes along the banks of the Songhua in Harbin city.
China floods surge toward record levels(CNN 98.8.19)
In Jilin province, floods have forced nearly a million people to abandon their homes in Baicheng city.
Economic losses have reached at least $24.1 billion all over China.
Death toll in Asia floods passes 2,500(CNN 98.8.13)
In the northeastern Chinese region of Inner Mongolia, 113,600 people were stranded by floods.
The floods have caused outbreaks of disease, with more than 600 people suffering dysentery, typhoid, cholera, skin rashes and eye diseases.
Floods have destroyed 410,000 people's homes. Officials estimate direct economic losses from the flooding could reach as high as $24 billion, shaving one half of a percent off the economic growth rate for 1998.
blast upper embankment to protect Wuhan, a city of 7 million people(CNN98.8.10)
50,000 people took refuge In Jianli County, about 90 miles upriver from Wuhan in central China's Hubei province,in order to blast embankment.

Blasting embankment will lower the Yangtze by four to 10 inches.;equal to 0.8 billion cubic meter.
News source Drastic Measure to save Yichang (South China Morning Post 98.8.7)
The number of the sufferers are 240,000,000, and refugees 13,800,000 all over China. The number of collapsed houses are 5,580,000,and
damaged houses 12,050,000.
Damaged agriculutural area are 21,530,000ha,and damaged harvest area 4,780,000ha.;this date in all over China.

China floodng death toll tops 2,000(CNN 98.8.6)
More than 2,000 people have died in China's long season of summer flooding.;This season's death toll is the highest since 1991.
landslides and mudflows have affected some 240 million people.
5,580,000 houses collapsed all over China; 12,050,000 houses were damaged.
21,280,000ha agricultural lands were flooded.4,720,000ha crops were damaged.

China Floods Situation Report (OCHA Report No.9 98.9.19))

Based on investigation by the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) Team,they will appeal for following asistance.
・temporary refuge and houses including buildong materials
・assistance for medicines and health care
・water hygiene
・assistance for foods
・agricurutural restoration
・building clinic,school and other institutions
China floods situation report(OCHA report No.8 98.9.3)
223 million people were affected by the floods and 3,004 killed, 15.85 million people were evacuated and resettled. 4.97 million housing units were destroyed and 21.2 million ha of crops were affected, of which, 1,306,700 ha lost all harvest. The disaster caused a direct economic loss of USD 20 billion.
200,000-300,000 tents are needed urgently.
The contributions reported to OCHA are as follows
China Floods Situation Report (The International Red Cross.98.10.1)
2.9 million people are still living on dikes.
15.85 million people have been evacuated and resettled. 14 million people left homeless.
6.19 million people have been affected by flooding, of which some 375,000 are homeless in Inner Mongolia.

2 months are needed by the end of Yangtze flooding.
More than 23 million head of livestock perished in the disaster. The Ministry of Agriculture is speeding up efforts to prevent an outbreak of epidemics from destroying animal.
In inner Mongolia,tents and foods are indispensable to people because of dropping of temperature.
Shanghai calls end to flood emergency(CNN 98.9.14)

The decision to call off the emergency was made after water levels along the Yangtze River had fallen significantly.

China Receives Foreign Donation for Flood-Ravaged Areas(China Daily 98.8.31)

The government of the United States has donated 207,000 yuan and a great number of tents, mattress, woolen blankets and kettles from the government of the United States.
The government of Japan has donated 5.81 million yuan and a large supply of tents, generators, and water-purifying equipment.
The ministry also received 415,000 yuan in donations from the government of the Repubic of Korea.
News source people must take care about floods still(China Daily 98.8.27)
223,000,000 people had suffered from floods all over China. 21,000,000ha had been flooded in 29 Province.
4,970,000 houses had collapsed in 29 Province.
Economical loss are 20 billion USD all over China.
Province damaged heavily are JIangxi,Hunan and Hubei and Heilongjiang and Innner Mongolia.
More than 2 months have passed from the beginning of restoration works, and 8 million people and 74,000 soldiers are occupied in that.
Presedent of China orders massive flood mobilization(CNN 98.8.26)
3,004 people have been dead,and 1,320 of the deaths nationwide took place along the Yangtze.

The President of China urges fight to death against floods(Reuters 98.8.26)
Lingering flood waters have threatened to chill more than 500,000 people left without shelter in northeastern Heilongjiang province. In Heilongjiang,the number of destroyed houses are 750,000 ,economic damage is $2.4 billion, besides more than one third of Heilongjiang's crops is affected.
In Hubei,economic damage is $4.6 billion,and 2.54 million hectares of crops submerged.

China Floods (OCHA 98.8.21)
Along the Nenjiang river would force the relocation of more than 100,000 residents.
In Anhui and Jiangxi provinces,more than 30 million people have been affected by surging floods along the Yangtze
In Hunan, 930,000 people evacuated to escape the floods.
The overall damage is estimated at USD 24 billion In Daqing, rising waters have flooded some 2,500 of the 20,000 wells of the oil field.
Chinese city of Harbin braced for the arrival of a new flood crest. (Reuters 98.8.21)
400 residents were evacuated to dry areas in the southern part of the city.

Some 380,000 People's Liberation Army troops were rushed to Harbin to join the defence of the city.
Floods creep closer to China
In the northeast's Inner Mongolia, flooding had killed 81 people. In the northeast's Inner Mongolia, flooding had destroyed a quarter of a million homes In neighbouring Liaoning province, flooding had forced the Liaohe oilfield to cut output by up to 3,502 tonnes a day.
floods hit Chinese city and southeast oil field(CNN 98.8.12)
28,000 people took refuge in Harbin. 6,000 houses in Harbin
Floods threaten China

Flooding at Daqing closed 527 oil wells at 17. Daqing has 25,000 wells that produced 17.9 billion gallons of oil last year, about a third of the nation's total.
China dike breach kills 78, state media say(Reuters 98.8.14 )
78 have died in eastern Jiujiang. 28,600 have been injured or made ill.
3.46 million people affected by floods in the city

China Yangtze swells anew, northeast scrambles by the flood(Reuters 98.8.13)

The Yangtze's fifth flood peak of the year had passed Yichang city, site of the gargantuan Three Gorges Dam project, with the river's flow hitting a year-high peak of 62,800 cubic metres a second.

the flood hits northern China (Reuters 98.8.12)
China's floods have spread to northern China killing 14 people and leaving 20 missing and more than 17,300 stranded.
About 760,000 people had been affected by floods in Inner Mongolia.

The United States has donated $250,000 plus tents and other relief goods. Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing has donated $6.4 million.

In Northeast China flood happened(Reuters 98.8.11)
It seemed that more than 10 people had been dead in Heilongjiang Province.
Industrial output growth in China slid to a year-on-year 7.6 percent in July from 7.9 percent in June and 8.0 percent in May by the flood.
China has blamed the flooding for paring 0.4 percentage point off of first half economic growth.
News source team to collect materials was send to damaged area(World Vision 98.8.10)
In Jiangxi Province,more than 8 million people were damaged,and the number of the dead were more than 441,lost people were 143.the injured were 662.

Major Chinese city threatened with worst flood in half-century

At Daqing, which produced about half of China's oil last year, 355 of the oil field's 20,000 wells were waterlogged.
More flooding wreaks havoc in northeast
・About 760,000 people had been affected by floods in Inner Mongolia.
・Flood waters from the Hulin river in Inner Mongolia have stranded 15,000 since Monday.

Diseases threaten Chinese flood victims

The flooding has affected some 7 million Chinese schoolchildren. An estimated 44,000 schools are underwater.

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    Raging torrents carrying mud, logs and debris have already severed Harbin's train link with the nearby oil city of Daqing and inundated sections of a major highway, now closed to all but heavy military vehicles.

  • OCHA Situation Report No.7 98.8.21
    The flood situation in both the northeastern region along the Songhua river and the southern area along the Yangtze river continues to be very serious.
  • Reuters 98.8.26
    The flood season might continue into December if typhoons came late this year, and would last until late October under "normal" weather conditions.
  • CNN 98.8.26
    178,000 soldiers and police guarded flood-weakened dikes Wednesday while the Yangtze River surged toward key industrial centers and rich farmland.
  • China Daily : 98.8.27

  • China Daily : 98.8.31

  • CNN News 98.9.14
    The nation's worst flooding in decades killed more than 3,000 people this summer and affected some 240 million.

  • The International Red Cross News 1 Oct. 1998
    Although water levels have now dropped below the danger line along the Yangtze River, local authorities in the southern, flood-affected provinces of Hubei, Jiangxi and Hunan have stated that they do not expect flood waters to recede completely for another two months.
  • OCHA Situation Report No.1 Jun.9
    Summer flooding in China occurred earlier this year and is more widespread than usual.Since 20 May 1998, parts of Northwestern China have also been hit by floods.
  • OCHA Situation Report No.2 Jun.22
    The Ministry of Civil Affairs sent a team to the affected area to assess the disaster situation and assist the local government to cope with the disaster.
  • OCHA Situation Report No.3 Jul.3
    The Ministry of Civil Affairs allocated approximately USD 12.1 million and delivered 2,200 tents to the disaster areas, as well as assessment and relief teams.
  • OCHA Situation Report No.4 Jul.15
    The Japanese Government pledged USD 700,000 in addition to water purifiers and emergency health kits.
  • OCHA Situation Report No.5 Jul.30
    Since 17 July, heavy rain has fallen in most areas of Hubei, the northern part of Jiangxi and Lishui area in Hunan. The average rainfall amounted to 100 mm.On 20 July, heavy rainfall caused the water level of the Lishui river to rise greatly, causing flooding in some cities.
  • OCHA Situation Report No.6 Aug.7
    In addition to the massive relief efforts, organized by the local, provincial and national authorities, the Chinese Government has reportedly provided more than USD 229 million worth of relief funds and large quantities of relief materials to the flood-affected areas.
  • OCHA Situation Report No.7 Aug.21

  • OCHA Situation Report No.8 Sep.3
    The Government departments concerned dispatched to the disaster areas more than 100 working teams since the beginning of the flood season, and allocated USD 366 million. The Army, military police, public security troops and militia played an important role in rescue.
  • OCHA Situation Report No.9 Sep.19
    The UNDAC Team has completed its field assessments in the flood-affected provinces in the South (Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi) and in the Northeast (Heilongjiang and Jilin).
  • South China Morning Post Aug.21

  • CNN News Aug.24
    Water levels upstream on the Yangtze River rose Sunday to their highest of the year, threatening more flooding downstream where soggy dikes have begun to crack.
    Excessive logging of hillsides is partly to blame for the worst floods on the Yangtze in 44 years.
  • CNN News Sep.2
    As floodwaters recede in northeast China and along the Yangtze river, health officials are warning of potentially more deadly threats: typhoid and dysentery.
    The Red Cross appealed for millions of dollars for food, medicine and clean water for flood victims.
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    Landslides and mudflows are responsible for more than 90 percent of the deaths between June and August 3.
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    The decision about whether to break open some dikes along the Yangtze river to protect key waterlogged levees could come as soon as Friday.
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    Flood workers in Hubei province said Saturday they may be forced to blow up dikes in a desperate bid to spare cities downstream of the massive Yangtze River from flooding.
  • CNN News Aug.9
    Levees upriver were blown up Sunday along a stretch of the swollen Yangtze River in an effort to divert floodwaters before they reached the provincial capital of Wuhan.
  • CNN News Aug.10
    Some flood victims have been sheltering in lean-tos for more than six weeks, raising concerns about the spread of contagious diseases.
  • CNN News Aug.12
    Looting of houses and public buildings abandoned during the floods waters must also be closely guarded against.
  • CNN News Aug.13
    At least 2,576 have already died and millions have been made homeless as heavy rains continue to batter the three countries, causing billions of dollars in economic damage.
  • CNN News Aug.15
    President toured the Yangtze earlier this week and urged the nation to rally together in the fight against the floods. He warned that after more than six weeks of flooding, the disaster was reaching a "crucial stage."
  • CNN News Aug.19
    The floodwaters had not yet reached the industrial city, but a new surge was expected to roll down the river Friday and raise the Songhua river's depth to a record.
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