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China : Flood : 2007/07/22
GLIDE: FL-2007-000112-CHN  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2007/07/22
Name Flood
Outline More than 100 people have died in floods and landslides in China where dykes protecting a swollen river in the east, which has already prompted tens of thousands to flee their homes, are in danger of being breached.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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    Deaths from floods, lightning and landslides across China this summer have reached nearly 700, state media said on Monday, with experts warning that global warming is likely to fuel more violent weather.
  • BBC news 2007/07/23
    Severe weather in several parts of China has killed more than 150 people in the past week, state media say.
  • Reuters AlerNet 2007/07/22
    Floods kill at least 100 across China