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Slovakia (Slovak Republic) : Flood : 1999/07
GLIDE: FL-1999-000233-SVK  DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 1999/07
Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Name Flood
Outline At the end of June 1999 severe floods occurred in the North and Middle Slovakia due to heavy rains. Shortly after the June floods, a third flood wave occurred at the beginning of July.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Slovak Republic - Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 1(1999/07/24)
1570 persons were evacuated. Floods did not cause any casualties and serious injuries, due to the effective rescue operations. 12,167 people were affected by the June floods and 114 of them were temporarily without shelter.
June floods affected 5739 family houses, 2093 wells and 125 factories and plants. Waters covered 2539 hectares of inhabited areas and 57,587 hectares of the agricultural land. 72 km of the state roads and 2110 km of the local roads were damaged. 105 bridges were destroyed or damaged.

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