Details of Disaster Information

Nepal : Landslide : 2014/08/02
GLIDE: LS-2014-000103-NPL 
Satellite Images (Sentinel Asia): ERSECR000202 DRR & Disaster Information

Duration 2014/08/02
Name Landslide
Outline A massive landslide has blocked the Sunkoshi river, east of Kathmandu, Nepal forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes and move to higher ground.

Human Impact Physical Impact Others

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  • Reuters 2014/08/16
    Flash floods and mudslides following heavy rains have killed at least 53 people in Nepal over the past three days and cut off remote communities in the mountains, the government said on 16 August 2014 (Saturday).
  • Reuters 2014/08/06
    Nepal on 6 August 2014 called off a search for survivors and declared 156 people dead after a landslide at the weekend. The landslide also created a dangerous blockage of the Sunkoshi River, stoking fears of floods downstream in neighbouring India\'s Bihar state. Authorities in both countries evacuated thousands of people, fearing that a torrent of water would be unleashed as the earth and rocks were cleared.
  • AFP 2014/08/05
    Nepal landslide death toll hits 34, scores missing.
  • IFRC 2014/08/03
    According to preliminary report, 10 people are confirmed dead and the security forces have recovered several dead bodies from the rubble. So far, more than 100 people are still missing and the number of casualties is likely to increase.
  • BBC 2014/08/02
    The landslide has buried dozens of homes in Nepal, with eight people confirmed dead and many missing.