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The ADRC's annual reports, research reports, and learning materials on disaster prevention can be obtained here.

[Main publications]
ADRC Annal Report
Natural Disasters Data Book
Total Disaster Risk Management: Good Practices
Survey on Tsunami Awareness in Indonesia



ADRC Highlights (English)

vol.292 1. Global Platform (GP) for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017
vol.291 Observations on Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Efforts in Kobe City by the Study Team led by Mr. Gu Zhaoxi, Vice Minister, Ministry of Civil Affairs, China
12th Annual Meeting of the Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction by the UNESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee
vol.290 失伙丟瓦失及喀劂侂碳楛柈午菸夠蒂菜夠午及瘋莘

妍忌戒抉把 ADRC (Russian)

vol.290 尿志忘抗批忘扯我抉扶扶抑快 找把快扶我把抉志抗我 我 志扼找把快折忘 扼 忌抑志扮我技我 志扶快扮找忘找扶抑技我 扶忘批折扶抑技我 我扼扼抖快忱抉志忘找快抖攸技我 志 均把技快扶我我
vol.289 孝折忘扼找我快 志 把忘忌抉找快 妓忘忌抉折快抄 坐把批扭扭抑 APEC 扭抉 妤抉忱忍抉找抉志抗快 抗 完把快戒志抑折忘抄扶抑技 妊我找批忘扯我攸技
vol.288 孝折忘扼找我快 志抉 2-技 妝忘扼快忱忘扶我我 妓批抗抉志抉忱攸投快忍抉 妞抉技我找快找忘 妤把抉快抗找忘 妊找把忘忪 均戒我我


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