1. Asian Disaster Reduction Center
1-1. Background to the Establishment of the ADRC
1-2. Composition
1-3. Activities
1-3-1. Basic Activities
1-3-2. Past Activities
2. Information Sharing
2-1. International Conferences
2-1-1. 3rd Public Symposium on Progress towards Hyogo Framework for Action
2-1-2. Public Forum "Winning Against Disasters"
2-1-3. International Forum on Tsunami and Earthquake
2-2. Good Samples of Total Disaster Risk Management - Good Practices -
2-2-1. Purpose
2-2-2. Contents
@ADRC 2-3. Collection of Information
Asian Disaster Reduction Center 2-3-1. Methodology
1-5-2 Wakinohamakaigan-dori 2-3-2. Collection of Information from Member Countries
Chuoku, Kobe 651-0073
JAPAN 2-4. Information on Disaster Management Systems
Fax: +81-78-262-5546 2-4-1. Scope of Information
www.adrc.asia 2-4-2. Levels of Information Sources
2-4-3. Methods of Collecting Information
2-4-4. Publication of "ADRC Member Country Profiles"
2-4-5. Future Tasks
2-5. Internet-based Information Sharing
2-5-1. ADRC's Website
2-5-2. Latest Disaster Information Database
2-5-3. Multilanguage Glossary on Disaster Reduction
2-5-4. ADRC Newsletter :ADRC Highlights
2-6. Framework of Natural Disaster Databases
2-6-1. Current Situation of Disaster Information Sharing
2-6-2. Asia Natural Disaster Data Book in the 20th Century
2-6-3. Current Situation and Assignment of "GLIDE"
2-7. Disaster Management Internet GIS
2-7-1. Objective of Disaster Management Internet GIS
2-7-2.Development and Improvement of "VENTEN"
2-7-3. Toward Wider Use of Disaster Management Internet GIS
2-8. Disaster Analysis Based on Satellite Information
2-9. Disaster Management Exhibition
3. Human Resource Develpment
3-1. Activities of Disaster Reduction
3-1-1. JICA's Trainer's training for the Disaster Mitigation Training Project
3-1-2. 2006 Disaster Management Training Course for Central Asia and the Caucasus
3-1-3. JICA Training Course "Disaster Prevention Education in Schools"
3-1-4. JICA's Training for Top Officials of Turkish Municipalities
3-1-5. Disaster Mitigation Management Course for the Youth in Central Asia and the Caucasus 2006
3-1-6. JICA Seminar on Disaster Management 2006
3-1-7. JICA Seminar on Iran Earthquake Disaster Management 2006
3-1-8. JICA Training "Disaster Coordination Training for Istanbul"
3-2. Visiting Researchers from Member Countries
3-3. Visitors to ADRC
4. Promoting Cooperation with Member Countries, International Organizations and NGOs
4-1. Cooperative Projects with Member Countries
4-1-1. Study Tour of Disaster Hazard Mitigation Project for Kyrgyz Republic
4-1-2. Seminar "Knowledge, Education and Training for Earthquake Disaster Awareness and Preparedness in Arumenia"
4-1-3. Enhancing Natural Disaster@Education in School in the Galle District,Sri Lanka
4-1-4. Formulation of Disaster Education Program 2006 for the Children in Tsunami Affected Countries
4-2. Establishment of Regional Networks in Asia
4-2-1. Establishment of Institutional and Human Networks
4-2-2. Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN)
4-3. Collaboration with International Organizations
4-3-1. Collaboration with UN/ISDR
4-3-2. Collaboration with UN/OCHA
4-3-3. Collaboration with UNU
4-3-4. Collaboration with UNESCO
4-3-5. Collaboration with UN/ESCAP
4-3-6. Collaboration with WMO
4-3-7. Collaboration with UNDP
4-4. Check List and Examples for Making the System on Total Dister Reduction Management
4-5. Method of Assessing "HFA Implementation"
5. Activities of Investigation on Disaster Damage in Asia
5-1. Investigation on Disaster of Jawa Earthquake in Indonesia
5-2. Investigation on Tsunami Disaster at South Jawa coast of Indonesia
5-3. Investigation on Liquid Mud Disaster at Mt.Mayon in the Philippines
6. Establishment of the International Recovery Platform (IRP) and its activities
6-1. The Establishment of the IRP and its Background
6-2. The Governance Structure of IRP
6-3. Activities of IRP in 2006
6-3-1. The 3rd Public Symposium on Post Disaster Recovery
6-3-2. The International Forum on Tsunami and Earthquake
6-3-3. Development of a Database on Good Practices & Lessons on Recovery and its Utilization
7. Public Relations Activities
7-1. Promotion through the Mass Media
7-2. Participation to International Conferences
7-3. Participation in Various Disaster Management Exhibitions
7-4. Lectures/Symposium
7-5. Articles
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