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vol.60 UN Regional Workshop on the Use of Space Technology for Disaster Management
The 2002 Japan-U.S. Science, Technology & Space Applications Program (JUSTSAP) Workshop
Second International Disaster Mitigation Cooperation Seminar in Seoul, Korea
vol.59 ADRC Cooperative Project 2002 (Singapore) - International Urban Search and Rescue Course
Int'l Symposium on New Technologies for Urban Safety in Asian Mega Cities
Symposium on Indian National Day for Disaster Reduction
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: 1. Pakistan had a series of tremors 2. Earthquake in Indonesia
vol.58 ADRC Visiting Researcher's Report (Mr. Pasrija V.P., India)
The 6th International Conference on Corporate Earthquake Programs
Visitors to ADRC: The deleqation of Shanqhai's Seismoloqical Bureau
vol.57 Singapore International Foundation's 2nd Humanitarian Relief Conference
Report from ADRC member country (South Korea)
Visitors to ADRC: Risk Reduation Program Manager, SOPAC
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: 1. Langslide in China 2. Floods in Thailand
vol.56 Expert Group Meeting on the Role of Regional Organizations and Networks in Strengthening Capacities for Disaster Reduction
12th Meeting of the ASEAN Experts Group on Disaster Management (AEGDM) was held in Viet Nam
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: 1. Avalanche in Russia 2. Flash Flood in Central Vietnam
vol.55 Test of Satellite Communications System for Disaster Damage Assesment
Disaster Prevention Fair 2002, Fukuoka, Kyushu
ADRC Human Resource Development Program: Singapore
New Publication: 20th Century Asian Natural Disasters Data Book
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: 1. Earthquake in PNG 2. Typhoon Rusa in Korea
vol.54 Field Survey Report - the Northwest Iran Earthquake -
ADRC Visiting Researcher's Report (Mr. Khun Sokha, Cambodia)
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: Sequential Floods in China
vol.53 A New ADRC Member: Republic of Kyrgyz
ADRC held a Regional Workshop Total Disaster Risk Management (TDRM)
New Publication: "Living with Risk - a Grobal Review on Disaster Reduction Initiatives"
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: Torrential rains in South Asia have killed over 900
vol.52 We are ADRC Member Countries No.5 (Lao PDR)
New publication: "ADRC Annual Report No.4 (2001)"
ADRC Staff Prifiles 15 (Ms. Etsuko Tsunozaki)
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: Nepal is seriously affected by floods and landslides
vol.51 ADRC participates in ISDR-IATF Working Group2 Early Warning
We are WDRC Member Countries 4: Thailand
Recent Natural Disasters in Asia: 1. Flood in India 2. Bangladesh is on alert for flood disaster 3. Typhoon Chata'an hit Asia-Pacific Countries

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