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Philippines (the): Violent Wind: 2011/05/07 Country Information on DRR

Period 2011/05/07
Country or District Philippines (the)
Event Type Violent Wind
Outline Tropical Storm Aere hit the Philippines on 7 May 2011, triggering floods and landslides. Thousands people have been evacuated.
Human Impact Physical Impact Others
Government of Philippines 2011/05/15
Missing: 2
Injured: 9
Affected: 430,081
Totally damaged houses: 64
Partically damaged houses: 9,357
Government of Philippines 2011/05/10
Dead: 24
Missing: 1
Injured: 5
Affected: 209,621
Totally damaged houses: 4
Partially damaged houses: 37

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Government of Philippines 2011/05/15
Situation Report No.13

Government of Philippines 2011/05/10
Situation Report No.8

Government of Philippines 2011/05/10
15 persons were dead and 3 were missing. 173,915 persons were affected.

Reuters AlerNet 2011/05/10
A tropical storm slammed into the northeast mountain region on the Philippines\\\' main island on Monday, killing at least 10 people and plunging some areas into darkness, disaster officials said.

Government of Philippines 2011/05/08
Due to Tropical Storm Aere, 9 persons were killed, 1 missing and 83,561 persons were affected in Region 5 and 8.

Government of Philippines 2011/05/08
One person was killed and 8,688 persons were evacuated in Region 8.

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OCHA ReliefWeb 2011/05/11
Tropical Storm Aere (as of 11 May 2011)