Asian Disaster Reduction Center

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1. Asian Disaster Reduction Center
2. Highlights of 2015/2016
3. Collection and Dissemination of Disaster Information
3-1-1. Information Collection from Member Countries
3-1-2. Natural Disaster Data Book
3-1-3. Disaster Information Sharing Using GLIDE Numbers
3-2-1. Latest Disaster Information
3-2-2. Multilanguage Glossary on Disaster Reduction
3-2-3. Asian Disaster Reduction Center Newsletter: ADRC Highlights
3-3-1. Sentinel Asia
3-3-2. Utilization and Action of Disaster Management about Sentinel Asia STEP3
3-3-3. Promotion for 10 years Anniversary of Sentinel Asia
3-3-4. Application of Space-Based Technology and Information and Communication Technology to Strengthen Disaster Resilience
4. Human Resource Development
4-1-1. Background
4-1-2. Objective
4-1-3. Activities of Visiting Researchers in FY2015
4-2-1. JICA Training Course: "Comprehensive Disaster Management for Central Asia and Caucasus"
4-2-2. JICA Training Course: "Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Course"
4-2-3. JICA Training Course: "Raising Awareness of Disaster Reduction"
5. Promoting Cooperation with Member Countries, International Organizations and NGOs
5-2-1. ADRC Cooperative Project and Peer Review for Promoting the Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR)
5-2-2. Technical Cooperation Project in Indonesia
5-2-3. Technical Cooperation Project in Nepal
5-3-1. Background of the Survey
5-3-2. Outlines of the Project
(1) Multilateral Cooperation on Disaster Reduction and Recovery through participation in the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA)-led International Conference in Tanzania
(2) Workshop on Disaster Recovery Planning in Dhaka
(3) East Asia Summit (EAS) & ASEAN Workshop in Hangzhou China
(4) ISDR Asia Partnership (IAP) 1st meeting
(5) The 8th GEOSS Asia-Pacific Symposium
(6) Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT)
(7) Conferences of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
6. The International Recovery Platform (IRP): History and Current Activities
6-3-1. "IRP's International Recovery Forum 2016"
6-3-2. Outline of Learning Events on Build-Back-Better
6-3-3. Workshop on Disaster Recovery Planning
6-3-4. Training of Trainers on Build-Back-Better
6-3-5. Parliamentary Meeting on Build-Back-Better
7. Public Relations Activities