Asian Disaster Reduction Center

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Chuoku, Kobe 651-0073

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1. Highlights of 2014/2015
2. Asian Disaster Reduction Center
3. Collection and Dissemination of Disaster Information
3-1-1. Information Collection from Member Countries
3-1-2. Natural Disaster Data Book
3-1-3. Disaster Information Sharing Using GLIDE Numbers
3-2-1. Latest Disaster Information
3-2-2. Multilanguage Glossary on Disaster Reduction
3-2-3. Asian Disaster Reduction Center Newsletter: ADRC Highlights
3-3-1. Sentinel Asia
3-3-2. Achievements of the Sentinel Asia in the HFA and recommendations for the Post- HFA
4. Human Resource Development
4-1-1. Background
4-1-2. Objective
4-1-3. Activities of Visiting Researchers in FY2013
4-2-1. JICA Training Course: "Comprehensive Disaster Management for Central Asia and Caucasus"
4-2-2. JICA Training Course: "Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Course"
4-2-3. JICA Training Course: "Raising Awareness of Disaster Reduction"
5. Promoting Cooperation with Member Countries, International Organizations and NGOs
5-2-1. ADRC Cooperative Project and Peer Review for Promoting the Implementation of the
5-2-2. Technical Cooperation Project in Indonesia
5-2-3. Technical Cooperation Project in the Philippines
5-2-4. Research on Tsunami Disaster Awareness among Residents of Indonesia
(1) 6th Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction
(2) 7th ECO International Conference on Disaster Risk Management
(3) ASEM Manila Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management "Post-Haiyan -A Way Forward" in the Philippines
(4) APEC Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum (8th SDMOF)
(5) Second Regional Ministerial Conference of Disaster Management Authorities in Central Asia under the "Central Asia plus Japan" Dialogue
(6) The second World Reconstruction Conference (WRC 2)
(7) The 2014 International Training Workshop on Natural Disaster Reduction
(8) UNISDR Asia Partnership (IAP) Meeting
(9) Asian Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction
(10) 7th APEC Emergency Preparedness Working Group (EPWG) Meeting
6. The International Recovery Platform (IRP): History and Current Activities
7. Public Relations Activities