The Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense is the state authority specially authorized on the decision of problems in the field of protection of the population and territory from emergency situations natural and ethnogeny character, conducting a uniform state policy and carrying out the government in the field of the prevention and liquidations of emergency situations, and also coordination of activity republican
The structure is applied by the Basic method the prevention of emergency situations gathering, generalization and the analysis of the given profile ministries and departments such as is: Tajik-geologies about dangerous geological processes: Tajik - Hydrometeor Department weather the report, the report on environmental contamination. Ministry of Health of data on flashes infectious diseases, and also monitoring having place spontaneous disaster and extreme situations for last years.
Personal abilities for the organization of salvage operations spent under abnormal condition in system of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense of the Republic Tajikistan function armies of the civil defense, equipped with necessary equipment and some techniques. And for carrying out of search and rescue works saving service "Center of Rescue" in which the competent rescuers serve is organized. The service is equipped with all necessary equipment and equipment.

Regional co-operation

Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense of Republic Tajikistan in frameworks cooperation of the Independent States have the agreement from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation in the field of prevention and liquidation a consequence emergency situation natural and ethnogeny the character signed in February, 1998.
It is necessary to note, that the given co-operation successfully becomes stronger and develops. Except for that similar agreements with Republic Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine are prepared. Within the framework of the international co-operation agreements between Republic Tajikistan and the Swiss confederation about co-operation will be signed in the field of extreme situations.
Our Ministry closely cooperates with the international nongovernmental organizations as Counterpart International, office on humanitarian questions of the United Nations, the world organization of public health services, UNICEF, Committee of the Red Cross and the Red Half moon and ADRC etc.
Republic Tajikistan is in a zone of risk from earthquakes in which estimation the institute of a seismic construction and seismology which closely cooperates with the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil defense RT is engaged. In case of the occurring earthquake corresponding services of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil defense RT according to plans will carry out search and rescue works.
Besides it agrees the law of Republic Tajikistan on a civil defense in case of accident to its liquidation services of other departments as are involved: fire protection, medical first aid, services of the electric power, municipal and others. Over all works the operative staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and Civil defense RT supervises.
Under the same scheme search and rescue works are carried out at avalanches and snow collapses other extreme situations.