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Afghanistan:Cold Wave:2006/01/31

Duration2006/01/31 At least 18 people were killed in heavy snowstorms in the northeastern Afghan province of Badakhshan. The death toll is expected to rise as more bodies are being recovered from under the snow.
Country or DistrictAfghanistan
NameCold Wave

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  • BBC News 2006/02/01
    At least 30 people have died due to severe winter conditions in Badakshan province in north-eastern Afghanistan.
    The head of the Afghan Red Crescent aid agency, Abuzar, told the BBC 15 people were killed when an avalanche hit five villages in Ragh district.
    He said 15 others had died in the province from the cold weather.
  • IRIN News 2006/01/31
    "Heavy snowstorms have hit five villages in the Kuhistan-e-Ragh district of Badakhshan, killing 15 people," Abdul Majid, governor of Badakhshan, said, adding affected people were in dire need of relief assistance. At least three more people are reported dead in the Ragh district of Badakhshan due to the bad weather.
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