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Kyrgyz Republic:Snow Avalanche:2006/01/28

Duration2006/01/28 An avalanch has struck the southern Kyrgyz province of Osh on 28 January and killed four people, where heavy snow is disrupting life in the area.
Country or DistrictKyrgyz Republic
NameSnow Avalanche

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  • IRIN 2006/03/24
    Kyrgyzstan’s emergency agency needs assistance to deal with the aftermath of natural disasters that hit the south of the former Soviet republic in one of the harshest winters in the past 20 years, an emergency spokesman said on Thursday.
  • IRIN 2006/01/30
    The avalanche ripped through the village of Sary-Bee in the mountainous Kara-Kulja district of the southern Kyrgyz province of Osh, burying four members of the Monolbaev family.
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