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Duration2006/01/04 Storms and flooding have killed at least 13 people in the central Mozambique province of Sofala since torrential rains hit southern Africa at the end of December 2005, state-run radio reported Tuesday.
Country or DistrictMozambique

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  • Reuters AlertNet 2006/01/10
    At least 22 people have been swept to their death in Mozambique and thousands more have fled heavy rains there and in neighbouring South Africa and Malawi, emergency officials said on Tuesday.
    Government officials in Mozambique said the death toll had risen sharply from the initial eight reported a week ago, and heavy rains were expected to continue, forcing the government to put the country on a cyclone alert.
  • NEWS24.com2006/01/05
    At least 17 people have been killed and more than 40 000 made homeless by floods that swept across Southern Africa in the past week, striking a region already grappling with severe food shortages.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2006/01/03
    At least eight people died after heavy rain swept Mozambique and left about 1,700 families homeless, destroying roads and other infrastructure, a disaster management official said on Tuesday.
    Radio Mozambique said 13 people had died in rainstorms over the last week in the central and northern regions of the country but disaster authorities contacted by Reuters could only confirm eight deaths.
  • CNN NEWS 2006/01/04
    Eight of the victims were struck by lightning and five drowned in floods unleashed by the storms, Radio Mozambique reported.
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