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Sri Lanka:Flood:2005/11/22

Duration2005/11/22 A non-stop 24-hour spell of torrential rain left many parts flooded in Sri Lanka on 22 November. At least five deaths were reported.
Country or DistrictSri Lanka

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  • OCHA ReliefWeb 2005/11/24
    Heavy rains over the past six days over Sri Lanka have caused widespread flooding in at least ten districts across the country.
    An estimated 29,000 families have been affected, six people have been killed and some 2,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. A nonstop 24-hour spell of torrential rain from 21 to 22 November caused consider able disruption particularly in the western, Sabaragamuwa and north-eastern regions of the country.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2005/11/23
    Floods triggered by heavy rains in Sri Lanka have affected some 40,000 people, the government said on Wednesday, including many living in makeshift shelters since last year's tsunami.
  • Times of India 22/11/2005
    At least two people were swept to their deaths in powerful floods in Sri Lanka and 3,000 tsunami victims were displaced from temporary northern shelters on Tuesday.

  • ReliefWeb 22/11/2005
    Heavy continuous rains in most parts of Sri Lanka have affected more than 20,000 families and left several roads impassable, officials said Tuesday.
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