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Duration2005/10/07 Flooding caused by monsoon rains in northern Bangladesh killed at least 16 people and forced up to 50,000 from their homes.
Country or DistrictBangladesh

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  • Reuters AlertNet 2005/10/17
    Thousands of people are still waiting for food and aid following floods in six districts that have killed 20 people and damaged both crops and infrastructure over the past two weeks.
    A disaster management official said at the weekend that about 100,000 mud-walled houses collapsed, making at least half a million people homeless in the region.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2005/10/15
    Thousands of people were waiting for food and aid in flooded parts of northern Bangladesh on Saturday, officials and witnesses said.
    Almost 1,000 people were waiting for help in Dilarpur, one of many villages in the Rangpur district affected by the floods that have killed 20 people and damaged crops and infrastructure over the past two weeks.
  • Reuters 2005/10/08
    Floods in northern Bangladesh have killed 16 people, damaged crops and infrastructure and marooned more than 1.5 million people over the past four days, government officials said on Saturday.
    The victims died crushed in collapsed houses or from drowning or snake bites as rivers burst their banks following torrential rains.

  • Reuters AlertNet 2005/10/07
    At least 12 people have died, up to 50,000 have fled their homes and about 1.5 million are marooned following heavy rains that flooded several districts in northern Bangladesh, government officials said on Friday.
    The deaths were mostly caused by the collapse of dozens of mud houses, an official told reporters in the town of Bogra, one of the areas affected by the flood, about 200 km (125 miles) north of Dhaka.
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