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Duration2005/09/26 China and Vietnam scrambled on Monday to evacuate nearly half a million people from the path of a typhoon which killed six people as it swept across the southern Chinese resort island of Hainan.
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  • Xinhya 2005/09/28
    The death toll from Typhoon Damrey in southernmost China's island province of Hainan has risen to 25 Thursday, while a senior disaster relief official said casualties and economic losses from Damrey were heavier than expected.
    A special government work group led by vice director of the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters Cheng Dianlong made an inspection of the province's disaster relief work after Damrey swept the island Monday.
  • Xinhua 2005/09/28
    Damrey, the 18th typhoon this year,claimed 16 lives in south China's Hainan Province after it slammed into this island province early Monday morning.
    Damrey tortured Hainan for more than 10 hours, bringing strong winds and driving rainstorms to the province.
    Vice Provincial Governor Wu Changyuan said the tropical storm flattened more than 20,000 houses and damaged over 380 kilometers of highways. Typhoon Damrey also damaged 704,000 hectares of crops and caused great losses of aquatic products and rubber plantations in the province, Wu said.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2005/09/27
    The 16 died on the Chinese island of Hainan as the typhoon ploughed across early on Monday, most of them when buildings collapsed or trees were felled by powerful winds which left economic damage estimated at 10 billion yuan ($1.2 billion).
  • China Daily 2005/09/27
    Tropical cyclone Damrey approached Viet Nam late last night after wreaking havoc in South China's Hainan Province. It was the strongest typhoon to hit the island in more than 30 years.
    At least six people were killed as winds near the eye roared up to 180 kilometres per hour - about twice as strong as those of Hurricane Rita in the United States - before moving off Hainan's western shore.
  • OCHA ReliefWeb 2005/09/26
    A powerful typhoon battered China's southern island province of Hainan early Monday, killing at least two people and forcing 170,000 from their homes.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2005/09/26
    Typhoon Damrey ploughed down the coast of Hainan, the strongest storm to hit the tropical island in decades, forcing the evacuation of more than 210,000 people. Six people were killed under collapsed buildings or trees felled by heavy winds on the island often referred to as China's Hawaii, the China News service reported.
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  • Xinhua 2005/09/26
    Damrey, No. 18 typhoon of the year, hit South China at 4:00 in the morning Monday, which is the strongest since 1974.