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Duration2005/08/31 Typhoon Talim swirled across Taiwan before moving off the island's west coast Thursday, leaving at least two dead and 24 injured, officials said.
Country or DistrictTaiwan

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  • Taiwan News 2005/09/02
    At least six people were killed and 59 injured by powerful winds brought by Typhoon Talim when it battered the island between Wednesday afternoon and yesterday, causing more than 1,000 people to evacuate their homes and move to temporary shelters.
  • Reuters 2005/09/01
    Typhoon Talim swept into southern China on Thursday after killing two people in Taiwan and injuring 39 as the island shut businesses, schools and financial markets to ride out the storm.
    Talim cut power lines, toppled billboards and tore up trees, while heavy rain led to flooding in some towns in central Taiwan.
    The number of households in Taiwan without power was as high as 1.48 million at one point, but electricity had since been restored to about half, officials said. Some 48,500 households were without running water.
  • SwissInfo 2005/09/02
    A typhoon killed 14 people as it swept across Taiwan and tore into China, triggering landslides and forcing hundreds of thousands to flee their homes.
  • CNN NEWS 2005/09/01
    Typhoon slams Taiwan, heads north
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