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Duration2005/08/17 Dozens of people have died and thousands of homes have been destroyed across central Europe after days of torrential rains caused lakes and rivers to flood their banks, prompting some evacuations by helicopter. The highest number was in Romania, where 13 people have died in the past two days.

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  • Reuters AlertNet 2005/08/25
    In Romania, one of the countries worst hit by the downpours that lashed parts of central Europe earlier this week, the death toll from flooding rose by six to 31 on Thursday, with another three people missing, including a 4-year-old girl.
  • 2005/08/25
    Worst hit was Romania, with 25 dead and thousands of homes inundated. Austria, Bulgaria and Switzerland reported a total of nine dead though the number could climb as the missing are accounted for.
  • CNN NEWS 2005/08/25
    News reports have said at least 34 people have died, although that number could rise as some of the missing are accounted for. Some reports have put the death toll as high as 53.
  • CNN 2005/08/22
    A husband and wife have drowned in northeastern Romania, becoming the latest victims of devastating floods and storms that have killed 18 people over the past week, authorities said Monday.
    The two, from the village of Cajvana, fell into raging waters and drowned after a small bridge they were crossing broke on Friday, said Deputy Mayor Ion Marza. Authorities found them late Sunday, some three kilometers (two miles) from where they disappeared, Marza said.
  • BBC News 2005/08/21
    At least 16 people have died in severe storms and flooding which have hit Romania in the past week, the interior ministry has said.
  • Reuters 2005/08/20
    The death toll from extensive floods across Romania over the past four days has risen to 14, with more than 1,200 people evacuated from their collapsing houses, the Interior Ministry said on Saturday.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2005/08/19
    The death toll from floods across Romania over the past three days rose to nine, with more than 1,100 people forced to abandon their crumbling houses, the Interior Ministry said on Friday.
    A 9-year-old girl drowned in a swollen river in the northern region of Botosani and an elderly villager was crushed under an electricity pole which collapsed in torrential rains in southern Romania.
    Lightning killed four, and three other people drowned in southern Romania on Wednesday.
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