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Duration2005/07/22 At least 15 people have been killed after a dam collapsed in south-west China, state media has reported. Dozens of houses were destroyed when a torrent of water swept through the town of Xiaocaoba in Yunnan province, Xinhua new agency said.
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  • Xinhua 2005/07/22
    Altogether 19 houses and 40 hectares of cropland in three villages were drowned after the collapse of the reservoir, which had a storage capacity of 80,000 cubic meters, and direct economic loss was estimated at about 4.64 million yuan (560,000 US dollars), he said.
  • Xinhua 2005/07/22
    A small reservoir collapsed in heavy rain early on Thursday in southwest China's Yunnan Province, leaving 15 dead, 23 injured and one missing, the local government said Friday.
    By 10:00 a.m. Friday, the accident had affected 146 people in 36 families in Xiaocaoba township of Yiliang County, said Guo Youquan, an official with the county government.
  • BBC News 2005/07/:22
    Flooding has claimed more than 700 lives in China so far this year.
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