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Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of):Flood:2005/06/30

Duration2005/06/30 Reportedly 88 people were dead, 205 people were injured and a total of 3,105 families (approximately 16,093 people) are seriously affected after the heavy rainfall with hail and strong winds caused flash floods and landslides in South Pyongan province, Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
Country or DistrictKorea (the Democratic People's Republic of)

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    Heavy rainfall reaching rates as high as 150 mm an hour pounded South Pyongan province for several hours causing flash floods and landslides in Dokchon city, Pukchang county and Maengsan county destroying and seriously damaging many homes in the areas. Families who have lost their homes due to the landslides have been taken in by relatives or are being housed in public buildings. Immediate needs for food, water, clothes etc. are being met by the local authorities with the help of DPRK Red Cross volunteers and others.
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