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Pakistan:Heat Wave:2005/06/04

Duration2005/06/04 At least 10 people died and some 92 fainted in a heat wave across the eastern Punjab province in central Pakistan, with recent temperatures close to 50C.
Country or DistrictPakistan
NameHeat Wave

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  • Reuters 2005/06/27
    The most populous province of Punjab, in the center of the country, was the worst hit with about 120 people dying and many suffering ill effects of the extreme heat, a provincial health official said.
  • Reuters 2005/06/22
    The month-long heatwave also killed more than 100 people in neighboring Bangladesh, while in Pakistan more than 65 people died in the past week, including at least 24 believed killed over the last 24 hours from the heat, authorities said.
  • Daily Times 2005/06/06
    At least ten people have died and around 92 including 70 in Lahore fainted because of extreme heat, as temperatures soared over 45 degrees Celsius across Punjab on Sunday. At least eight people in Sahiwal died of scorching heat estimated to be above 49 degrees Celsius in the last 24 hours, District Headquarters Hospital records confirmed on Sunday.
  • BBC News 2005/06/06
    More than 100 people are feared killed by a heat wave which has struck central regions of South Asia in the last two weeks, officials said.
    Parts of Nepal and Pakistan are also experiencing searingly hot weather, with recent temperatures in these areas over 40C.
  • Daily Times 2005/06/05
    At least five people have died of heat stroke in southern Punjab as the mercury swelled to 44 degrees Celsius on Saturday, officials said.
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