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India:Tropical Cyclone:1999/10/17

Duration1999/10/17 A cyclone centred over the Bay of Bengal, reportedly with wind speeds of up to 200 kms per hour lashed the coastal region of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh early Monday morning (18th October, 1999).
The rains finally stopped Tuesday.85 people were killed and 250 injured.The Ganjam district is the worst affected. About 300,000 people in 300 villages are homeless.

Country or DistrictIndia
NameTropical Cyclone

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
OCHA Situation Report No. 2 1999/10/21
According to the media, the death toll rose to 84 on 20 October, with some 500,000 people across 460 coastal villages badly affected.
15,000 houses were damaged and 60 villages were severely affected in the districts of Ganjam, Puri, Khurda and Gajapathi. The cyclone damaged electricity transmission towers, also causing the disruption of the water supply system in Orissa.

Indian cyclone death toll rises to 97
Unconfirmed reports put the number of people killed at 150 and up to 1,000 injured.

The damage from the cyclone in terms of loss of property can be estimated at 20 billion rupees (470 million dollars).

AFP(Agence France-Presse) (1999/10/20)
The death toll from a cyclone which ravaged eastern India has risen to 84.A total of 81 people have died in Orissa, with worst-hit Ganjam district alone accounting for 73 fatalities, state officials said.Unconfirmed reports put the number of people killed at 100 and those injured at 500.
The damage from the cyclone in terms of loss of property can be estimated at over five billion rupees (117 million dollars).(by president of the state's ruling Congress party)
The power lines have not been restored. Water supply has also badly affected.
High-speed winds snapped telecommunication, electricity, rail and road networks, flattened an unspecified number of houses and destroyed the coconut, cashewnut and banana plantations of the area.

ABC(Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (1999/10/19)
At least fifty-nine people have died.
The cyclone has also ruined crops and paralysed road and rail transport.

Specific Matters
  • Report till 28 October
    At 28 October, another Cyclone hits India.
    Reports about Cyclon at 17 October are listed in

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