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New Zealand:Flash Flood:2005/05/18

Duration2005/05/18 The New Zealand's northern town of Matata was hit by a flash flooding on Wednesday, destroying more than 20 houses and forcing the inhabitants from home. The damege by the flooding is estimated millions of dollars but no casualties were reported.
Country or DistrictNew Zealand
NameFlash Flood

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  • The Daily Post 2005/05/25
    The state of emergency at Matata has been extended until 5pm tomorrow - specifically to keep criminals at bay.
    "Maintaining order is important for the number of residents still unable to return to their homes and for the continuing clean up operation," Whakatane mayor Colin Holmes said.
  • New Zealand Herald 2005/05/22
    It has been confirmed at least 93 homes have been seriously damaged by the flooding. Around half have been deemed too dangerous to go back into, or in imminent danger with the possible threat of more heavy rain today.
  • BBC News 2005/05/20
    More than half of the inhabitants of Matata were evacuated after flood waters raged through the town on Wednesday.
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