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El Salvador:Typhoon:2005/05/20

Duration2005/05/20 The first hurricane of the season, Adrian, pounded Central America's Pacific coast on Friday, leaving two people dead and forcing thousands from their homes as it lashed the region with rain.
Country or DistrictEl Salvador

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  • OCHA Situation Report No. 1 2005/05/20
    According to UN Resident Coordinator's Office in San Salvador, the country has been put on orange alert of a potential major Hurricane, which is expected to reach the Salvadoran Coast with full strength mid day today. All coastal zones are subject to evacuation plans due to the nature of areas, which flood quickly under heavy rain conditions.
  • BBC News 2005/05/20
    Hurricane Adrian had winds of up to 120km/h (75mph) as it reached the coast of El Salvador, according to the US National Hurricane Center.
  • DailyDemocrat 2005/05/20
    Hurricane Adrian slammed into El Salvador, unleashing torrential rains in an area prone to devastating floods and forcing some 14,000 people to seek higher ground.
  • OCHA ReliefWeb 2005/05/20
    Hurricane Adrian was downgraded to a tropical storm after making landfall Friday in El Salvador, quickly losing wind speed but still packing torrential rains and flash flood danger, as thousands of evacuees await news they can go home.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2005/05/20
    As Hurricane Adrian made landfall in El Salvador in the early hours of the morning, some 20,000 evacuees from coastal areas were in emergency shelters while others hunkered down in their homes with stockpiles of food and water.
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