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Duration2004/04/23 2 days of continuous heavy rain burst river banks in eastern Ethiopia, flooding 35 villages and killing more than 80, officials said.
Country or DistrictEthiopia

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  • OCHA ReliefWeb 2005/05/03
    To date, more than 100 people are reported dead while many more remain missing. Initial assessments confirmed about 21,000 households or 105,000 people have been affected and have lost houses and properties.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2005/04/25
    Floods killed at least 84 people after a river burst its banks in eastern Ethiopia because of heavy rains, officials said on Monday.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2005/04/24
    A river swelled by non-stop rain burst its banks in eastern Ethiopia, killing up to 40 people and leaving many homeless, officials said on Sunday.

    "Many are still hanging on to trees for dear life," Mohammed Admi Abdi, district administrator of West Emi in Ogaden province, said by telephone.
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