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Duration2004/09/12 At least seven people are feared dead in Taiwan after floods and a landslide triggered by a storm that is dumping torrential rain across the island's north, officials said on Sunday.
Country or DistrictTaiwan

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  • Reuters Alertnet 2004/09/12
    Rock and earth loosened by five days of downpours swept away three houses and buried a family of four, including a 12-year-old boy, in mountainous Hsinchu county, the same region that had been devastated by Typhoon Aere last month.
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  • Taipeitimes 2004/09/12
    Three cars immersed in water next to the No. 5 Floodgate on Taipei's Fuyuan Street beside the Keelung River are barely visible yesterday after a night of torrential rain. The sign on the left of the picture reads "No swimming."