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Duration2004/9/4-9/8 The typhoon Songda (T0418) struck Japan, causing major damages across the country, especially in the Chugoku region. 41 people were dead and 4 people were missing.
Country or DistrictJapan

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Cabinet Office, White Paper on Disaster Management (2005) 2005/06/01
Death: 41
Missing: 4
Injured: 1,365

Collapsed houses:
132 total collapse
1,396 half collapse
65,065 partial damage

Flooded houses:
1,570 over the floor
6,626 under the floor

Evacuation order or advisory to the total of 131,592 residents
Situation Report by FDMA of Japan (as of Sept. 9)
Dead 30,
Missing 14,
Affected 131,464
Seriously Injured 116,
Lightly Injured 830

Collapsed Houses 54,
Partially Collapsed Houses 13,440
Inundated Houses 5,204

Fire and Disaster Management Agency of Japan 2004/09/07
Dead 1,
Missing 12
Seriously Injured 23,
Lightly Injured 168

Collapsed Houses 28,
Inundated Houses 459

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