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Duration2004/08/11 A moderate earthquake rocked southwestern China, killing three people and injuring as many as 500, an official at the State Seismological Bureau said on Wednesday.
Country or DistrictChina

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  • Sun Network 2004/08/12
    Four people were confirmed dead and 594 injured, and 167 of them seriously, in the quake which jolted Ludian county in Zhaotong city of southwest China's Yunnan Tuesday night, mayor of Zhaotong city, Deng Xianpei said.
  • BBC News 2004/08/12
    More than 125,000 people have been left homeless after an earthquake hit south-west China.
  • OCHA Relief Web 2004/08/12
    Thousands of people have been evacuated in Yunnan province's Ludian county following a strong earthquake on Tuesday 10 August. Four people have been reported dead and close to 600 people were injured in the earthquake which measured 5.6 on the Richter scale.
  • Reuters Alertnet 2004/08/11
    Earthquake kills 3,injures 500 in poor China county
  • BBC News 2004/08/11
    The quake - which measured 5.6 on the Richter scale - struck Ludian County in Yunnan province on Tuesday evening.
Geographycal Data Information
  • USGS (United States Geological Survey)
    A moderate earthquake occurred at 10:26:14 (UTC) on Tuesday, August 10, 2004. The magnitude 5.2 event has been located in the SICHUAN-YUNNAN-GUIZHOU REGION, CHINA.
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