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Duration2004/06/27 Floods in northern Bangladesh have killed nine people in recent days, washed away hundreds of houses and left tens of thousands of people homeless.
Country or DistrictBangladesh

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
OCHA Situation Report No. 4 2004/07/22
Affected Population: 19,022,600
Reported Deaths: 185

Houses Destroyed: 151,142
Houses damaged (Partially): 1,223,050
Road Network Destroyed: 5,000 km
Road Network Damaged (Partially): 18,400 km
Schools Destroyed: 458
Schools Damaged (Partially): 7,582

Number of Livestock Death: 3,919
Crops Destroyed: 524,620 acres
Crops Damaged (Partially): 1,096,752 acres

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  • Reuters AlertNet 2004/08/20
    U.N. agencies and international aid agencies estimate some 860,000 houses were washed away and the government has pegged the number of damaged homes at over four million.
  • OCHA Situation Report No. 6 2004/07/29
    The economic damages have been severe, as significant numbers of livestock have perished in the floodwaters, while more than 800,000 hectares of agricultural land are either destroyed or partially damaged.
  • International Herald Tribune 2004/07/29
    Relief crews rush to aid victims of Asian floods
  • Reuters Alertnet 2004/07/27
    At least 100 more people were reported killed in Bangladesh's floods on Tuesday, taking the death toll from three weeks of devastation to almost 400, officials said.
  • OCHA Situation Report No. 5 2004/07/26
    The forecast remains of a prolonged flood, with possible recurrences towards the end of August.
  • OCHA Situation Report No. 4 2004/07/22
    The overall trend continues to indicate a deterioration in the flooding situation, particularly alarming for the areas around the Brahmaputra and Ganges basins.
  • OCHA Situation Report No. 3 2004/07/20
    Reports from the Haor region indicate that the situation remains critical with communications between cities no longer possible by road and the Sylhet airport runway being closed.
  • OCHA Situation Report No. 2 2004/07/15
    The total number of Districts affected is 25, and affected families 885,709. Information of district administrations is that water is going down in most places.
  • Mail&Guardian Online 2004/07/20
    Monsoon rain on Monday swept the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka, forcing thousands of city residents to live on the roofs of buildings in submerged residential neighbourhoods, and raising the national flood death toll in Bangladesh to 93, officials said.
  • OCHA Situation Report No. 1
    Due to incessant rainfall and down rush of hill water, northern Districts in Bangladesh have been inundated during the last 4 to 5 days.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2004/07/12
    Over five million people were marooned or left homeless in low-lying parts of eastern India, Bangladesh and Nepal as river waters flooded huge swathes of land.
  • BBC News 2004/07/12
    Severe floods have forced over two million people to flee their homes in north-east India and Bangladesh.
  • Reuters Alertnet 2004/07/11
    At least 40 people packed into a wooden boat drowned in northeastern India after torrential annual rains and swollen rivers set off floods that have left millions homeless, officials said on Sunday.
  • Reuters Alertnet 2004/07/11
    Bangladesh floods maroon 3 million, death toll 13
  • Reuter AlertNet 2004/06/28
    Floods in northern Bangladesh have killed nine people in recent days, washed away hundreds of houses and left tens of thousands of people homeless, officials said on Monday.
  • Reuters Alertnet 2004/06/27
    Bangladesh floods kill five, many homeless
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