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Korea (the Republic of):Flood:1998/08

Duration1998/08 heavy floods have occurred since the end of July in the Republic of Korea
Country or DistrictKorea (the Republic of)

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others

Specific Matters
  • CNN Aug. 3 1998
    Officials said most of the victims had been camping in the southern mountains, where up to 14 inches (36 cm) of rain fell between Friday night 31 July and Sunday 2 Aug.In total, 54 people were killed and 47 are missing.
  • OCHA 10 Aug 1998
    With the assistance of 13,543 personnel from the Rescue Force, Police, and Armed Forces, together with a substantial amount of equipment, including 200 military helicopters, 2,812 victims had been rescued and 117 dead bodies had been recovered by 9 August.
  • OCHA 10 Aug 1998
    The national response will focus on search operations for the missing and emergency recovery, provision of water and food, waste disposal, and the establishment and implemention of rehabilitation plans upon completion of damage reports.

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Emergency Relief Information
  • OCHA 98/8/10/IFRC
    Government of the Republic of Korea has not appealed for international assistance.
  • IFRC 98.8.13
    Chonbuk and Kyongbuk have distributed 7,034 kg of rice, 15,773 boxes (30 packs each) of instant noodles, 2,312 packs of foodstuffs, 19,418 blankets, 14,347 items of clothing, 5,420 sets of cooking utensils, 6,295 gas burners, and 6,113 cans of butane gas to 39,434 families, valued at Won 1 billion (CHF 1.2 million).
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