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Duration2004/01/02 At least one person was killed and nine injured when an earthquake and aftershocks shook tourists and residents from their beds early on Friday on the Indonesian resort islands of Bali and neighbouring Lombok.
Country or DistrictIndonesia

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  • OCHA Situation Report 2004/01/05
    An earthquake rocked Indonesia's holiday islands of Bali and Lombok on Friday (2 January), according to reports killing an elderly man and injuring up to 40 people, including at least three children. More than 250 buildings are reported to have been damaged on both islands.
  • CNN News 2004/01/02
    A powerful earthquake has shaken Indonesia's tourist islands of Bali and Lombok, injuring 29 people and damaging more than 250 buildings, officials and witnesses say.
  • Reuters AlertNet 2004/01/02
    Quake shakes Indonesian resort islands, one dead
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