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Duration1999/08 The heavy rains in East Japan since August 13 swelled the rivers and some campers were left behind in holms. As of August 17, relief activities by police, fire departments, Self Defence Forces has been conducted.
Country or DistrictJapan

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Fire Defense Agency "Damage situation cause by the heavy rain since Aug. 13"
3 people dead, 16 people missing, 7 people injured in Kanto area (as of August 16)
Households completely destroyed:4, half destroyed:11, partially destroyed: 12, Households flooded above floor level:598, flooded above floor level:2697 (as of August 16)
Mainly in Kanto area, collapsed roads 119, flooded roads 712, damaged rivers 15, landslides 123 (as of August 16)

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