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Portugal:Heat Wave:2003/08/06

Duration2003/08/06 Europe baked in a heatwave on Wednesday that, along with forest fires fanned from the Balkans to the Atlantic, has killed at least 34 people.
More than a week of fires have claimed 14 lives in Portugal and ravaged an area of forest almost two-thirds the size of Greater London. Neighboring Spain recorded its 13th death due to the soaring temperatures.
In Germany, which like most of usually cooler northern Europe has not been spared, there were five heat-related deaths in one German town alone over the weekend.
The heat in Britain claimed its first victims when two teenage boys drowned trying to cool off.
Country or DistrictPortugal
NameHeat Wave

Headline(Source, Date)
Personal Injury Material Damage Others
Yahoo! news (Japanese) 2003/08/21
Dead: 1,316 people
(by forest fires: at least 15 people)

CNN News 2003/08/14
Died:3,230 people(August 4-10)

BBC news 2003/08/10
Dead: about 40 people

Summer fires have also destroyed tens of thousands of hectares of pinewood and brush across the continent, most of it in Portugal.

More than one million chickens have also died in France because of the heat.
The UK recorded its highest ever temperature, with a temperature of 38.1 Celsius (100.6 Fahrenheit) in Gravesend, Kent.

OCHA Situation Report No.1 2003/08/08
in Portugal
Death by forest fire: 15 people

Reuters 2003/08/06
Dead: 34 people
(in Portugal 14 people, in Spain 13 people, in Britain 2 people, in Germany 5 people)

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